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Who We Are

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) is a non-profit professional organization that acts as the advocate for the United States Army. We are the voice for our Soldiers and Government Civilians; this includes Active Army members, National Guard, Army Reserve, Cadets, Retirees, Wounded Warriors and Veterans, as well as their families. We also represent businesses and individuals who wish to advance the interests of the men and women serving our country.

What We Do

We are an organization providing educational, advocacy, and support resources to the men and women of the United States Army and their families. Our two-pronged purpose includes lobbying government and Congress on behalf of Soldiers, as well as developing programs and activities that provide community support for all branches of the Army. By existing on local, national, and global levels, there is no other organization that serves the United States Army like AUSA.

Our History

Since 1950, AUSA has worked to support all aspects of national security while advancing the interests of America’s Army and the men and women who serve. AUSA is a private, non-profit educational organization that supports America’s Army – Active, National Guard, Reserve, Civilians, Retirees, Government Civilians, Wounded Warriors, Veterans, and family members.

The Arsenal of Democracy Chapter, formerly known as the Greater Detroit Chapter, was chartered in 1959 with Don C. Pippel as the first Chapter President. The Chapter is made up of both Individual and Corporate members and represents the entire state of Michigan.

Our Name

It is generally agreed that no American city contributed more to the Allied powers during WWII than Detroit. Appropriately, then, Detroit grew to become known as “The Arsenal of Democracy” after a fireside chat conducted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on  29 December 1940.

In the speech, the President implored Americans to stand up as the “arsenal of democracy” as though it was their own country at war. He called on the nation to unite with swift cooperation in producing vast shipments of weaponry to aid Europe.

Because of its strength as an automobile manufacturer, Detroit was an ideal city to step up to the task set by the President. Thus, the Detroit-area’s automobile industry underwent rapid transition in order to handle the production of weapons and vehicles of war. Because of this conversion, Roosevelt honored Detroit’s contribution by declaring it “the great arsenal of democracy.”

Source: The Detroit Historical Society:

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