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Postponed: Army Autonomous Systems Symposium & Exposition

11 August 2017

This event has been postponed until 2018.  Updated details will be posted soon!


The AUSA ILW Army Autonomous Systems Symposium & Exposition will connect the Army and Industry with Original Equipment Manufacturers, Major Tier Suppliers and leading-Edge Developers of Autonomy (and related) Technologies within areas of mutual interest.  The two-day event will consist of technical panel sessions focusing on the U.S. Army “Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Strategy” with non-Military analogs along with a supporting Exposition Hall.


The primary focus of the event is to connect the military with industry to generate military stakeholder awareness of mature and near-term maturing autonomy-enabling technologies, the role Artificial Intelligence plays in autonomy, and identifying/ facilitating pathways with the military Acquisition Community to accelerate the transition and deployment of autonomy into the hands of the Warfighter. The emphasis will be on identifying/developing connective pathways between technologies in which industry is currently invested, and capability/functionality thrust areas contained within the recently released US Army Robotics and Autonomy Strategy (RAS). Intentionally the event scope will minimize focus on long-range R&D/S&T and Cyber-Security. The latter expected to be generically addressed as a necessary and minimum requirement for autonomy deployment and operation.

7-8 November 2017 at the Detroit Marriot at Renaissance Center

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